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On Camera
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A selection of the characters I have played & styles of performances.

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Audrey, a middle-aged woman sleepwalking through her life, encounters an elderly eccentric stranger, Mr. Oscar, who challenges her way of thinking and daily routines. Their unexpected friendship becomes a catalyst for her to step out of her comfort zone and move forward in a new direction. Director: Toni Short

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A young woman is guided through an imaginal realm in order to recall her identity and begin the new myth of the world. Director: Babak Mehrabi Parsiyan

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In Japan there is a special way to grieve after having an abortion. Inspired by these Buddhist rituals, Mizuko is a look of how a half-Japanese American woman reevaluates drawing 'the line' in abortion ethics when she becomes pregnant. Directors: Kira Dane & Katelyn Rebel

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A woman who lives alone in the middle of the woods has a sudden stranger as a guest, and an anonymous phone call warns her that she shouldn’t trust the guest. Director: Jeongwon Lee